Can Red Bull Challenge in Monaco?

At the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix, Red Bull let victory slip through their fingers after a pit-stop error cost pole-sitter Daniel Ricciardo a famous victory on the streets of Monte Carlo. 

A year on and F1 Top 10 looks at whether the team could repeat it’s performance this weekend.

The short and simple answer would be…No.

Red Bull have endured a frustrating start to 2017 and are already over 80 points off Ferrari and Mercedes in the Constructors Championship.

However, the team has made significant progress since the season opener in Australia.

The gap between Red Bull and the front two was 1.2 seconds during qualifying in Albert Park and by the most recent race in Spain it was down to less than 0.6 seconds after their first major upgrade package of the season.

While progress has undoubtedly been made by Red Bull, a gap of 0.6 seconds remains a big gap to close in F1 terms.

Nevertheless, all is not lost for Red Bull.

The Monaco circuit is less reliant on power which will help mask the weakness of the Tag Heuer-branded Renault engine which still remains off the pace compared to the Mercedes and Ferrari engines which will help the team bridge the gap at the front.

However, the big issue for Red Bull is that the RB13 chassis is not the best of the current grid whereas in 2016 it was and as a result it allowed the team to take advantage of the less power reliant circuit.


To conclude, every F1 fan will want to see Red Bull fight at the front in Monte Carlo and make it a six-way battle for victory. Unfortunately though for Red Bull, they aren’t at the same level they were at 12 months ago. If Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen are going to mount a challenge on Sunday then they’ll certainly require a stroke of luck and in Monaco anything is possible!



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